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Chicago, 18th May, 2012



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The Ensemble for Bulgarian Folk Dances “Horo” was founded in 2003 by Irina Gotcheva and Todor Gotchev who to this day are its artistic directors. Irina graduated from the State School of Choreography in Sofia and from The Academy for Music and Dance in Plovdiv. She has worked as a ballet master and choreographer of Ensemble “Sliven” in Bulgaria. Todor is a master of the Tracian dance style and for years was the soloist of  Ensemble “Sliven”.

To the delight of the Bulgarian community in Chicago, Irina and Todor continued their creative work on American land, dedicating a lot of time and energy to building an ensemble which today prides itself in a very large and diverse repertoire.

We are grateful to the Bulgarian Orthodox Church St. John of Rila for the support during the first 3 years of our existence, when we held our practices there. We only left because we grew so much that we needed a bigger space.

Currently the ensemble has close to 40 members – women and men, teenagers included, united in their love for the Bulgarian folk dance. Depending on experience, everyone is welcome – as a beginner or intermediate dancer, or in the advanced group which every season works on a new original dance composition.

Ensemble Horo presents dances from all major ethnographic areas of  Bulgaria – Severniashka, Trakiiska, Shopska, Dobrudjanska, Pirinska and Rodopska to the sound of pure folk music. Our dancers are dressed in a variety of colorful traditional costumes.

Ensemble “Horo” is well known to the Bulgarian-American community in the Chicago area from its numerous performances at the Bulgarian churches St. John of Rila and St. Sofia, at local folk dance festivals, from its participation in the traditional concerts organized by the Bulgarian-American Center for Cultural Heritage and  dedicated to the Day of the Slavic Alphabet and Bulgarian Culture and last but not least – from its successful individual concerts.

In December 2009 ensemble “Horo” performed for the Bulgarian-American community in St. Louis, MO and in November 2010 travelled to Canada for concerts in Toronto and Montreal . Every year on March 3 ensemble “Horo” represents the Bulgarian-American community at Daley Plaza in Chicago at the celebration of Bulgaria’s Independence Day.

In September 2010 we registered as a not-for-profit corporation with a mission to contribute to the cultural diversity of the American society by means of promoting the rich traditions of the Bulgarian folk dances through performing and teaching them to the general public.

We welcome everyone – be it as a dancer, audience or sponsor.